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  Extended Service Interval (ESI) Products
Magnum RS Photo
Magnum RS Photo
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As the world's leading supplier of filtration and services, Cummins Filtration offers the solution for extending service intervals without compromising performance or equipment resale value. Our comprehensive line of ES System™ products is designed specifically for extended service intervals (ESI)--to maximize equipment uptime and minimize total maintenance costs.

ES System™ products increase the time a vehicle is operating and making money--not sitting in a maintenance bay.

"Real World" ESI Testing
We rigorously examine our ES System™ products for both "real world" (engine) and laboratory (bench) test performance to ensure their capability and reliability in ESI environments. When our ES products are released, there is no doubt of their performance in extended service situations.

Extended Service Without Compromise
As we develop new products, we strive to introduce technically-advanced solutions that offer clear performance advantages to make our customers successful. ES System™ products enable you to reduce maintenance expenditures with systems specifically designed for longer change intervals.

Our ES System™ line includes:
  • Magnum™ and Magnum RS™ air filtration systems, which provide the highest efficiency and capacity for longer service life.
  • ES Compleat™ lifetime coolant, ES Liquid™, WF2121, WF2122, WF2123 and WF2131 coolant filtration systems and supplemental coolant additives, which provide chemical protection and stability over longer service intervals.
  • Fuel Pro® FH230 series, Diesel Pro® FH232 and FH233 series, Industrial Pro® FH234 series, Sea Pro® FH234 series remote-mount fuel conditioner system, which removes the highest percentage of water/contaminants without shortening filter life.
  • Venturi™ Combo full flow/by-pass lube filtration system, which removes higher sludge levels associated with longer oil drain intervals.


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