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​Fleetguard GOLDPOWER™ is the latest addition to our family of high performance engine coolants. Suitable for Light Trucks & Commercial Vehicles* and Passenger Cars (including 4WDs & SUVs), GOLDPOWER is a high performance 50/50 premixed ready-to-use ethylene glycol based coolant. GOLDPOWER is formulated for diesel, petrol & LPG Light Truck & Commercial Vehicles* and Passenger Cars (including 4WDs and SUVs). Typical brands include Hino, Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso, Mercedes Benz, Iveco, Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford, GM/Holden, Hyundai & others.

GOLDPOWER provides maximum protection when used as a complete coolant replacement. GOLDPOWER can also be used to top up other  coolants (any colour, any type), but we recommend caution in this practice as the service life and condition of the existing cooling system cannot be guaranteed. Only 100% GOLDPOWER will provide 100% protection (refer to Warranty conditions).

GOLDPOWER has been independently tested to, and meets JIS K2234 (Class 2), ASTM D3306, and AS2108.1 (Type A).

Features and benefits:

  • 5 year or 350,000 km service life when used as a complete fill.
  • Maximum Protection (Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Freeze, Anti-Boil)
  • Simple, no mess ‘ready to use’ Pre-Mix (do not add water!)
  • Organic Additive Technology (OAT) - long acting for extended protection
  • No Borates, Silicates, Amines or Nitrites (Japanese OEM requirement). No Phosphates (European OEM requirement)
  • Compatible with all metals (includes aluminium alloy radiators & heads, water pumps), gaskets and hose materials.
  • Freeze Point -37°C, Boiling Point 128°C (@105 kPa cap pressure).

* Light and medium classed Truck and Commercial Vehicles engineered with parent bore or dry sleeved engine blocks.

GOLDPOWER is available from the following Fleetguard product stockists. Click on their logos to access their location and contact details:

Western Star Trucks Truckline Paccar Case
Iveco RP Wallis Amcap



Which engine cooling systems can I use GOLDPOWER in?

GOLDPOWER can be used in Japanese, European, North American & Asian engineered light truck & commercial vehicles* and passenger cars which operate on diesel, petrol or LPG fuel. These days almost all light truck & light commercial vehicles utilise parent bore engine blocks or a dry cylinder sleeve that fits into a parent bore cylinder and GOLDPOWER is a perfect cooling system solution for all of these engines. A few older vehicles, however, may be engineered with wet cylinder liners (or wet sleeves) which comes in direct contact with the coolant and will require a specially formulated heavy duty coolant that provides additional cavitation/  pitting protection for the wet liner. In this instance Fleetguard PG Platinum™ heavy duty engine coolant is recommended.

What colour is GOLDPOWER?

GOLDPOWER is a transparent bright yellow colour which is colour compatible with all other colours of coolant in the market. When mixed with another coolant it will not markedly change the colour of that coolant.

What is OAT?

OAT is Organic Additive Technology, sometimes also referred to as Organic Acid Technology. These are the long lasting organic carboxylic acids that have been neutralised and formulated to provide pH buffering as well as corrosion and water pump cavitation-erosion protection. Extended Life Coolants (ELC) is one such category of long/extended life coolants that use OAT.

Is GOLDPOWER safe for silicon seals?

Yes. Unlike many coolants, GOLDPOWER contains no 2-EH (2-ethylhexanoic acid) which can cause silicone hoses, seals and gaskets to lose their flexibility and elasticity which may ultimately lead to coolant leaks.

How long does GOLDPOWER last?

In a well maintained cooling system, GOLDPOWER has a service life of 5 years or 350,000 kms (whichever comes first).

How do I maintain GOLDPOWER?

Generally no maintenance is required apart from inspecting that the overflow bottle coolant levels are correct and that the coolant appearance conforms. If coolant top up is required use only GOLDPOWER 50/50 premix. For workshops that can test coolant this can be done using a refractometer or coolant test strip to check that the ethylene glycol concentration is between 40%-50% (or freeze point -25°C to -37°C). Do not top up with water as this will dilute the coolant and protection.

What container sizes does GOLDPOWER come in?

  • 5 Litre - Part Number CC36153 ASJ
  • 10 Litre - Part Number CC36153 ASK
  • 20 Litre - Part Number CC36153 ASP

Are there any special handling requirements for GOLDPOWER?

No. GOLDPOWER can be used in the same way as other ethylene glycol based coolants. Always use standard safety procedures when handling coolant. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for further information. Refer and select Resources.

How do I change my coolant to GOLDPOWER?

If there are no visible signs of contamination such as rust, solder bloom, oil etc., all that is required is to start topping off with GOLDPOWER, however for maximum protection and full warranty support we recommend a water flush and replacement with GOLDPOWER at the major service interval. Only 100% GOLDPOWER, can give 100% GOLDPOWER protection.

Do I need to chemically clean my cooling system?

  1. If there are no visible signs of contamination such as rust, solder bloom, oil etc., all that is required is to empty the system and perform a water flush to remove the old coolant, drain, then refill with GOLDPOWER.
  2. If the system is contaminated then one of the Fleetguard Restore products should be used for cleaning followed by a thorough flush to remove all traces of the cleaner prior to filling with GOLDPOWER. Restore (CC2610) removes oil and grease. Restore Plus (CC2638) removes rust, corrosion, scale and solder bloom. Note that the underlying cause of the contamination or problem needs to be investigated and resolved to avoid repeat issues.

What Specifications does GOLDPOWER meet?

GOLDPOWER has been independently tested and meets:

  • JIS K2234 Class 2 (Japanese coolant standard)
  • ASTM D3306 (American coolant standard)
  • AS2108 – Type A (Australian coolant standard)